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After 10 years at leading interior design studios in the UK and Spain, interior designer Rosa Roig-Fiol set up Ro Projects, a boutique interior design studio based in Bristol, UK, working on residential and hospitality projects.


Our core philosophy is centered on the idea that conscientious interior design starts with a deep understanding of people, spaces and materiality. We approach each project with a holistic mindset, seeking to craft interiors that are contextually responsive and foster a harmonious balance between function and form, all while maintaining an aesthetic appeal.


Born and raised in Palma de Mallorca, Rosa’s relationship with design and architecture was nurtured from birth by the beauty and history of her surroundings.


Soon after completing her Interior Architecture degree with honours in Spain, she had the privilege to fulfill her dream and relocate to the UK where she has gained more than ten years experience working in two of the House & Garden’s top 100 Interior Designers, Berdoulat and Sims Hilditch, where she quickly worked her way up to Senior Designer level.

Driven by a close attention to detail, her passion for interior design lies in understanding the relationship between the interior design and architecture of a building and how it best suits the client’s needs.

When Rosa is not thinking about interior design, you can find her in her art studio creating paintings that are a blend of the idyllic British countryside and her Mediterranean heritage. You can keep up with her artistic endeavors here. 

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